Police Warn of “Sliding”— a New Crime that Targets Female Drivers

Criminals are always looking for ways to make a quick and easy buck. One of the newest techniques devised by thieves is known as “sliding.” Sliders usually target women who are traveling alone, typically at gas stations. When they see a potential victim, a slider will wait until she’s distracted, perhaps while pumping gas, and then creep (or “slide”) over to the passenger side of her car.

In the blink of an eye, the slider reaches through a window or opens an unlocked door and grabs whatever valuables are in reach. A purse, a wallet, a phone: it’s all free money as far as the thief is concerned.

Often two sliders will operate as a team. They arrive by car and pull up next to a potential target. After the grab, they can then speed off. Even if the the victim sees what happened (and often she doesn’t), it’s almost always too late to stop the sliders from getting away.

A little bit of common sense will go a long way in protecting yourself from sliders. Being aware of your surroundings is always a good idea, but…

Even if you’re just stopping quickly to fill up the tank, you might want to keep your purse with you. But perhaps the best way to thwart sliders is to be sure that the windows are rolled up and the doors are locked. Sliders rely on speed and stealth. If they can’t quickly and easily reach in, they can’t and won’t grab your stuff.

In the new video we’ve posted below, you can learn more about this worrisome new crime and how to protect yourself. Had you heard of sliders before? Do you plan to be a little more careful at the gas station? Let us know in the Facebook discussion area below this video. See what others are saying, too.

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