People want ‘Home Economics’ brought back so kids can learn life skills

Reading a recipe, measuring ingredients, and baking cookies apply reading, mathematics, and chemistry skills in a way that kids will remember.

Curriculums have changed over the years. Some districts emphasize advanced academics over practical life skills. Millennials are learning Algebra but not learning cooking or budgeting.

Life skills used to be learned at home when kids worked alongside their parents. Kids need to be taught these adulting skills in school now.

How to cook, budget, or repair a car are taught in career and technical education elective classes like Home Economics, Financial Literacy, and Auto Technology.

Although the classes are electives, students benefit from applying the theoretical skills of chemistry, math, and science to jobs. Integrated instruction helps the brain remember.

Home Economics cooking courses integrate chemistry and mathematics when they measure and bake bread or cookies. Building Trades uses geometry in construction to build houses.

Life skills include the strategies needed to make decisions. Learning to cooperate is also a beneficial life skill that will help them become competent adults.

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