Gifted 90-Year-Old Sculptor Tells Moving Story About Her Outstanding Art

By the time you’re 90 years old, you’ve experienced plenty of exciting things in life. A talented sculptor decided to speak out about her thoughts on how she believes the government sees older adults as disposable during a global pandemic.

Varda Yoran is incredibly gifted and talks a bit about why she sculpts her pieces the way she does in a recent documentary about her life. While she’s passionate about her work, she’s also enthusiastic about people her age getting treated fairly.

She wants to remind people that nobody is disposable, no matter how old you are or what conditions you may have. She also believes that no one should ever be discriminated against, especially during the trying times we face today.

While she’s self-isolating due to the coronavirus, not everyone her age is getting the medical treatment they need. Now more than ever, it’s our duty as humans to be compassionate towards one another, and that’s all Varda is asking for today.