Small Town Paints Ingenious 3D Optical Illusion Crosswalk To Make Cars Slow Down

A small town in northern Iceland has taken a unique approach to slow down traffic. Crossing a road can be quite dangerous for pedestrians, even if it’s in a rural area or if an official pedestrian crossing has been made. To protect its residents, Ísafjörður creatively decided to use an optical illusion to its advantage.

They had an amazing version of a pedestrian crossing painted on a road in 3D to create an optical illusion. It really does look like there are blocks in the middle of the roadway that sit several inches high. Drivers can’t help but slow down to avoid hitting these blocks at full speed.

What an inventive way to help protect pedestrians at a crosswalk. This 3D optical illusion will definitely play tricks on your eyes. This is the perfect example of excellent artistry with a very practical application.

Ísafjörður may have gotten its inspiration for this ingenious idea from a mechanical engineer named Shivrama Krishna. The engineer hand-painted 3D traffic lines in his own village in Southern India to help protect pedestrians.  Thanks to the internet, the idea made its way up to Iceland.