‘New’ car from 1957 found inside time capsule

A classic 1957 Plymouth Belvedere was discovered in ruin after spending 50 years in an underground time capsule.

When officials buried a beautifully pristine 1957, Plymouth Belvedere, in an underground concrete bunker, they expected the vintage car to be perfectly preserved.

It was all to be part of a grand celebration in 2007 when they would unearth the vehicle and give it to a lucky winner. They did not realize what had been happening underground for decades.

The concrete box, thought to be waterproof, was flooded, with water levels reaching above the car, submerging it entirely.

Over the course of 50 years, the water slowly worked away at the body, the gears, and the interior of the car, wearing it away into a mass of rust and mud.

When it was finally unearthed, onlookers discovered not a vision of the past but a destroyed relic, unable to be saved or salvaged.

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‘New’ car from 1957 found inside time capsule