Nature photographer captures the most jaw-dropping spectacle ever caught on video

Ready for a treat? Check out our video of something astounding—the largest glacier calving event ever put on film.

The team arrived in Western Greenland in May 2008. They were there to film the documentary “Chasing Ice.” Their subject? The majestic Ilulissat Glacier, towering hundreds of feet above the sea.

Days passed as boredom set in. They were hoping to witness a glacier calving event, which is the breaking up of ice chunks at the edge of a glacier.

All they heard was the shrill wind as it whipped around their encampment. Suddenly, when they were ready to give up hope, something astounding happened.

Right in front of their incredulous eyes, they watched as a piece of ice almost bigger than Manhattan separated from the rest of the glacier. This would be the largest glacier calving event ever recorded.