Mom attracts 5 million viewers with her pretty makeover

When Christal wanted to donate her hair to charity, Christopher Hopkins (“The Makeover Guy) was more than happy to help. The makeover he gives her is absolutely stunning.

When Christal made the decision to donate her hair, she didn’t know what she was going to do afterward. What short style would she adopt once her long white locks had been chopped?

She decided to see Christopher Hopkins – The Makeover Guy from Minneapolis. He’s great at making people feel their best with unexpected styles and great advice. Christal knew she just had to make an appointment with him.

When she walked in, she told him to “do whatever you want”. For Christopher Hopkins, this is the best thing to hear. He quickly gathered up her long white hair, which was far below her shoulders, and cut the ponytail off at the scalp.

The result was an incredibly short style, which Christopher quickly tousled, styled, and toned until it was a beautiful blonde color. Christal hardly looks like herself after this amazing transformation!

Christal says she feels “wild and sassy” after her transformation. With some trendy new clothes, she looks absolutely amazing and ready to rock her new look. Sometimes, letting your hairstylist take over might be a great thing!

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Mom attracts 5 million viewers with her pretty makeover