Millennial Couple Sees Older Versions Of Themselves In An Amazing Transformation

A couple who’s a month away from getting married take on a rather amazing treat. Cut has a field day transforming them into older versions of themselves. Starting at 50-years old and progressing forward, the transition is amazing.

Fifty steps up to seventy, bringing this couple to stitches if not a little shocked by how “terribly” they’re aging. Laughter turns to contemplation as these two lovebirds imagine all that they must have been through to reach such a stage of their relationship. You’ll have to wait to see what 90 and 100 are like!

This journey takes you from a smile, through overwhelming joy, towards a looming realization of gratitude and appreciation for those that you love. Watch as these two are aged with makeup magic, leading to the words they’d say on their dying day. It’s like stepping through a time portal to the truth – but you find far more than you expect.