Man Loses Half His Weight Using Yoga In Only A Year

Bert Kreischer’s Sober October challenge inspired this man, Vance Hinds, to make a difference to his own life. With the subtle motivation of people like Joe Rogan and his podcast, and of course Bert, Vance finally had the commitment needed to say “yes” and stick to it. He decided to document his incredible 365-day transformation from obese to healthy.

At the start of his journey on November 19, 2017, Vance weighed a whopping 475-pounds and could barely accomplish basic exercise. To his dismay, on November 27th, his weigh-in found him three pounds heavier. Pressing on relentlessly, down came the weight, with Diamond Dallas Paige giving support &coaching. By March 12, 2018, he dropped down to 397 pounds.

A dedicated and inspired Vance Hinds stuck to his goals, doing everything in his power to get fit and lose weight healthily. His weight plummeted from 478 pounds to just 277 pounds in 365 days, in one of the most dramatic weight loss journeys ever recorded. That’s 198 pounds in a year. His advice? Be positively unstoppable!