Makeover gives back confidence to first-time Grandma

Everyone needs a makeover once in a while, just to feel better. Christopher Hopkins is the right man for the job. Look what he did to this lovely grandma.

Everybody needs some pampering once in a while. That’s why free make-over shows are so popular. Behind every candidate, there’s always a heart-breaking story that touches the audience.

A makeover makes you feel better about yourself and uplifts your confidence. With a renewed confidence you are better in your job and you face everyday life with optimism.

Christopher Hopkins, who is also known as The Makeover Guy is a YouTube influencer with more than 400k subscribers. He is determined to change lives and he loves.
So his amazing work is getting viral.

His new challenge is Kelly Harlan, a hard-working new grandmother. She really needs a makeover to feel better and regain her lost confidence.

The Makeover Guy cut and curls her hair and changes her hair color. He also gives a natural makeup that compliments her.

Kelly is shocked by the result. She is so happy and even cries of joy. This amazing makeover has changed her life and gave her back her lost confidence.

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Makeover gives back confidence to first-time Grandma