Magical Van Gogh show is the cure for your cabin fever

Van Gogh’s paintings get a transformation into the modern art realm through art and music technology. The results are astounding.

“Starry, starry night. Paint your palette blue and gray,” sings Dutch singer Jim Van Der Zee at the beginning of this stunning visual immersion. The song is titled “Vincent” and was written by singer-songwriter Don McLean as a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh.

McLean later said in the interview: “… I was sitting on the veranda one morning, reading a biography of Van Gogh, and suddenly I knew I had to write a song arguing that he wasn’t crazy.”

And as McLean’s beautiful and bittersweet song draws you into the world of genius that is Vincent Van Gogh, the mesmerizing digital art exhibition continues to draw you even deeper through hundreds of animated paintings.

The Digital Art Museum L’Atelier des Lumières transformed roughly 16000 square feet of walls and floors into a living art where “The Starry Eyes” surround you and the river Rhône starts to move.

While Vincent Van Gogh will never be completely understood many of his admirers wish he could experience this breathtaking exhibition of his gorgeous paintings.

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