Little girl’s rant perfectly sums up all our feelings about COVID

This little girl is saying what we’re all thinking about the restrictions triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Preach it, sister.

The real world is a cruel mistress with sharp teeth and a strong bite. Part of coming of age is being able to stare this reality in the face without a flinch or a blink.

This little girl is on the cusp of facing down reality in all its ugliness, and it seems to be costing her a bit of sanity in the process. Which if we’re honest, is the story of all our lives.

The lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the pandemic have meant foregoing some things that are a big part of an American child’s daily life, and that truth has sunk in a bit too deep for this little girl.

The ice cream truck, McDonald’s, and “everything that is something is now nothing. Nothing!” This is what happens when a developing mind comprehends the horrors of the world.

The rest of us are expected to grin and bear such things, but these first-timers and other new initiates get to say the things that we’re all thinking deep down inside.

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