Incredible AI technology turns Native American pictures into real life

Native American

The creative team at Yestervid is using AI technology is creating significant work in the area of historical recreations and animation. Using their tools and talent, they are bringing historical figures to life.

They did this with 12 Native American icons from history, taking what was once flat, two-dimensional, black and white pictures and transforming them into animated, colorized reproductions.

This is of great significance to historians as well as students of history. Now, instead of reading about someone in a textbook or looking at their picture in a museum, you can see them move, speak, and smile.

Native American

It is bringing people back from the past, a version of time travel that until now has been completely unavailable to us. But the team at Yestervid is using their technology to bring value to the world.

Now, you can see Sitting Bull – not just sitting in a grainy photograph, but moving his face, blinking, opening and closing his mouth. This was a living, breathing person, and pictures often lose that vitality.

The process is methodical and works in a variety of settings. First, they colorize the image, bringing vibrancy and life to the picture itself. Then, using a dynamic facial recognition system, they animate the picture.

The result is breathtaking. Now, you can watch icons from Native American history as they were back when they were alive. If this technology continues to be successful, there is no limit to what they will do next.

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