Important advice from a 64-year-old expat living in Mexico

Thinking of moving out of the U.S.? It’s both more complicated and easier than you’d think, says 64-year-old Janet Blaser, who lives on $1,000 a month in Mexico.

If you’re serious about leaving the U.S., this is extremely important advice. Janet Blaser, 64, retired to a coastal town in Mexico on just $1,000 a month, and she shares her experiences on how to make it work.

Some of her most important tips have nothing to do with the budget. She suggests that you visit the location you want to move to, and try to make it in different seasons to make sure that it’s tolerable.

Next, you should diversify the time of housing you’re looking for. If your budget allows for a smaller apartment or a different type of housing than you’re looking for, consider giving it a try anyway.

From shopping to medical insurance, phone numbers, and shopping, she details all of the things you might want to consider before moving. One of the most important is looking into the expat community in the area.

Expats are, like Blaser, U.S. citizens who live in another country, either full- or part-time. Check with them and learn where they live and how they function there.

While it may be daunting to try and move to another county, especially during your retirement years, it’s always worth a try if you really want it. Blaser proves that there are ways to make it work – no matter where you want to go.

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Important advice from a 64-year-old expat living in Mexico