Grandmother uses neighbors’ doorbell camera to invite them for dinner

Grandmother invites neighbors over for taco night dinner

Everyone knows that grandmothers are some of the most caring people in the world. It is just something that comes naturally to them. When one grandma’s neighbors won’t answer her calls, she takes matters into her own hands.

Over at their house, they are having taco night. The grandmother had tried calling her neighbors on the phone, but they weren’t answering. She guessed they were busy.

Instead of trying to call over and over again, she went to their front door. She had the ingenious idea of using their doorbell camera to leave a message for them.

Grandmother invites neighbors over for taco night dinner

In her message, she mentions that they are having tacos for dinner, and that they are totally welcome to come on over, especially if they like to eat.

She notes that she did try to call them on the phone before coming over, it’s clear she didn’t want to appear rude for suddenly being at their front door.

There was no agenda, or ulterior motives. Simply a caring grandmother wanting to share and spread her love. If they’re having tons of tacos, why not share it with the neighbors?

The neighbors definitely got the message, otherwise, we wouldn’t have this video in the first place. The world is a better place thanks to loving and caring grandparents everywhere.

This sweet grandma couldn’t get her neighbours on the phone so she walked over and left a message, inviting them over for Tacos, on their doorbell camera. from HumansBeingBros

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Grandmother uses neighbors\' doorbell camera to invite them for dinner