Farmer Installs Massive Cow Brush for Cattle to Enjoy

Being a farmer is one of the most physically demanding jobs on the planet. You’re tasked with waking up early in the morning to feed, clean, brush, and take care of many animals. One farmer is giving back to his herd with a unique gift.

There are few things cows love as much as kicking back, laying under the sun, and munching on some fresh grass. They live a relatively relaxing life that most of us can only dream of doing. If you’ve never heard of a cow brush, you’re in for a treat today.

Tom Pemberton released a video showing other farmers how to install and create a contraption for a large herd of hows to enjoy. Using a handful of tools, Pemberton installs a cow brush in a giant field.

It’s very similar to a cat-scratching pole, and it attracts the precious animals from all over the farm. The broad yellow brush is the perfect place for cattle to get the best back and neck scratches in town. It’s jaw-dropping how quickly they all flood to their new favorite toy.