Family sets up an adorable princess-themed party for their Grandma’s 90th birthday

Most senior people don’t get to celebrate their birthdays in a fun way. Not this grandma, though. She had her granddaughter organize a princess-themed photoshoot for her to celebrate her 90th birthday.

According to her granddaughter, Stephanie, she had not seen her mother for a long time during the quarantine period. Since her birthday was coming up, they decided to do something special to celebrate it.

With the help of her friends, Stephanie was able to organize the princess-themed photoshoot which was held at Reynolda Gardens in North Carolina. G-mas contagious smile is evidence of a day well spent.

 Grandma's 90th birthday

They got her a throne chair, a pink tutu, and a crown to match the outfit. The garden they chose offered the perfect setup, thanks to the beautiful flowers in the background.

Her family organized cookies and biscuits with her face on it and a customized t-shirt that reads, “It took 90 years to look this good”. We couldn’t agree more on this.

Stephanie mentions that her grandma was happy to pose, smiling and laughing the whole time. Most people agreed with this as her beautiful smile radiates through the photos from the photoshoot.

For G-ma, this was only the beginning of her 90th birthday celebration. She later had a drive-through party where her friends passed by and wished her a happy birthday. Either way, we’re sure she’ll never forget the special birthday.

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Family sets up an adorable princess-themed party for their Grandma\'s 90th birthday