Drone Hovers Over Turbine. Captures Amazing Footage that Has Everyone Cracking Up

Do you remember when drones first made an appearance all those years ago? Nobody really knew what their full potential would be. Then people started to mount cameras on-board and they became so popular so quickly that governments decided that there needed to be legislation in place to control these invasive little toys. Soon, in some countries, you had to be a licensed pilot to operate one of these tiny aircraft commercially.

It seemed that all the fun was going to be taken away from what started out a relaxing and exciting hobby for some people. Fortunately, common sense prevailed, and people can now enjoy these incredible devices whenever they want to.

One drone operator in Rhode Island got quite a surprise whilst have a bit of fun filming all those things that the normal person would not usually be able to see. What started out as a project to shoot the waterfront and scenery around this picturesque part of the world soon turned into some a little more interesting than expected. While flying around a wind turbine, the inquisitive operator noticed that the door at ground level was open, thinking that some maintenance might be in progress he sent his drone to the top to investigate. What he saw came as a huge surprise to both himself and now everyone that has seen the footage.

There, some twenty stories above the ground was a man lying on top of the turbine sunbaking, so relaxed was the chap that he even sat up and waved at the camera. What a fantastic place to get away from the everyday hassles of the world and just relax.

We assume that the relaxing man so high in the sky was working on the turbine and not some crazy thrill seeker, take a look for yourself on the link below, and make up your own mind.

Drone Hovers Over Turbine. Captures Amazing Footage that Has Everyone Cracking Up