Carpenter turns firewood into wooden bowls worth thousands

You’ll never believe the amount of work that goes into this wood-turned bowl.

If you’ve ever spent time watching woodworking videos on YouTube, you know that they can be extremely satisfying. Roger Webb is an Australian woodworker with a popular YouTube channel. The way that he makes this bowl is absolutely amazing.

First, Roger shows off an unassuming chunk of oak firewood. It’s hard to believe that this log will become a beautiful bowl. He starts with cutting some of the edges off of the log, rounding it off so he can use it with his machinery.

First, he attaches the wood to a lathe. This machine spins the chunk of wood, and he uses a tool to remove material at great speed. The turning motion allows the material to be removed uniformly and a shape to emerge from the raw wood.

After shaping the outside of the bowl, Roger moves the wood to a chuck. This helps him hollow out the center of the bowl while keeping the sides at a uniform thickness. When used correctly, it’s great too. Watching the way the material flies off of the wood is extremely satisfying!

When the center is finished, he sands the bowl and uses boiled linseed oil as a finish. The result is a beautiful finish on a bowl with a simple design. You’d never guess that this started out as a formless hunk of wood.

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Carpenter turns firewood into wooden bowls worth thousands