Beware of ‘sliders’ the next time you fill up at the pump

When we think of ‘sliding’, we think of some kind of fun activity we do. But this creative method of stealing is anything but fun if you become a victim of it.

Thieves get creative when it comes to stealing things. If you think this only happens in the movies, think again.

‘Sliding’ is not that fun activity that kids do on slides or inner tubes in the snow that comes to mind. It’s a criminal activity where thieves quickly slide into open or unlocked vehicles, steal as many things as possible in a short amount of time, and leave.

This happens a lot at gas stations while people are pumping gas and leave their doors open. And police are reminding those who are pumping gas at self-serve stations to lock up while outside their vehicle.

Police also remind motorists to leave their most important valuables at home. Thieves can not only steal money, but they can also steal your identity as well.

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