Bella the wonder child speaks 7 languages at just 4 years old

This darling 4-year-old has accomplished something that takes a lifetime for many people: fluency in 7 different languages. Yes, 7.

Children are natural language learners. Studies show that the time to become bilingual with the fewest obstacles is in childhood. After all, communication is vital to survival, so their brains are wired for language absorption.

And then there’s this little girl who has moved well beyond any need for survival. She’s just plain smart. Meet Bella from Moscow, a true polyglot boasting fluency in Russian, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and English.

She ends up beating her host in this video at his own game, reading the cues on the screen meant for him. It’s easy to get lost in the laughs and not realize she knows how to read, too.

She shows off her skills by talking to other children behind food stands, ordering food in the language designated above the vendor. She’s a proper lady at each stop.

It’s quite a study of what children are capable of. It hints at a deeper rabbit hole about the quality of education children should be receiving. But for now, we’ll celebrate this little girl’s talent and ability.

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Bella the wonder child speaks 7 languages at just 4 years old