Behind the Scenes Glimpse of 1965 Matchbox Car

Modern car designers and engineers have created futuristic vehicles that we never knew we’d see in our lifetime. Things we take for granted, like built-in GPS, seat warmers, and even custom air conditioning wasn’t around in the early 1960s.

Even toy cars have changed drastically throughout the decades, including the iconic matchbox car. These little toys take a lot of work and the hand of a detailed craftsman to create realistically from a life-sized version. They’re unlike anything you’d see in the toy aisle today.

We’ve found an exclusive video from 1965 that shows how intricate it is to process and make these vintage collector items. Believe it or not, molten metal would be poured into the molds by hand.

It’s such a cool view to see all of the tiny cars getting their first coat of paint. Followed by the equally small components like wheels and seats. Watching the entire thing come together from start to finish is just as satisfying as you might expect.