Beautiful makeover for a retired woman

New life stage for 67-year-old Vicki from Iowa, after amazing makeover from Christopher Hopkins the MakeoverGuy.

Just look at how her eyes and smile have changed after such a magical transformation by Christopher Hopkins the Makeoverguy.

“How do you feel inside? 67” Just look at how the look has changed after the transformation and how much confidence Vicki has returned.

At the beginning of the video, Vicki agreed that she felt invisible in everyday life, but after the transformation, she immediately felt better.

Sometimes it takes a push to feel better. Vicki got such a boost from Christopher and he was able to help her feel alive again and shine.

Just look at how the makeover by Christopher Hopkins the Makeoverguy has changed 67-year-old Vicki and brought the spark back to life.

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Beautiful makeover for a retired woman