Beautiful little girl uses mom’s makeup in sweet tutorial video

This adorable girl is serious about the need for moisturizer before applying makeup. She also advises using eye shadow to make your eyes “so shiny.”

A little girl makes a makeup tutorial video. She suggests viewers can borrow their mum’s makeup as she did. She says she just woke up.

Putting her hair in a ponytail, the girl begins by emphasizing the importance of applying moisturizer first, so the makeup doesn’t “stick to your face.”

Next, she applies powdered blush with a makeup brush to both cheeks. She seems satisfied with the bright pink circles she makes on her face.

Eye shadow is more challenging for the makeup artist. She holds one eyelid down with a finger while she applies powdered shadow above her lashes.

She takes a cookie break and drinks some juice before the final step of applying her lip gloss. When finished, she thanks everyone for watching.

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