Baseball Fan Catches Whirling Bat At 120-Feet Without Spilling His Beer

In what fans are calling the catch of the year, a St. Paul Saints player Hernández loses his bat only to have it caught in mid-air. Not only does this man catch a spinning bat tossed over 120-feet from the batter, but he also does it with one-handed while not spilling a single drop of his beer held in the other.

The amazing catch, unfortunately, didn’t even win this ‘Harvard Man’ a souvenir to take home. No kind concession from the player and there’s no obligation to give away bats, balls, and gloves that make it into the stands anymore. All that’s left is the video as a stunning testament to one of the best catches baseball has ever seen.

Here’s a save that could have easily saved a life. You’ll be shocked by just how amazing the one-handed snatch of a spiraling baseball bat actually is, and equally taken aback by the fact that he doesn’t even get to take it home. It’s a ‘hold my beer’ moment for the record books!