Autistic boy’s stunning photography transforms mini cars to life-size

13-year-old Anthony Schmidt is obsessed with cars. Anthony has autism which has allowed him to hyperfocus on what he is most passionate about. He can look at any car and tell you the year, make, and model.

His room is overflowing with model toy cars. They line the walls, fill the closet, and spill out of his dresser drawers. He even has them categorized by the decade of manufacture.

He has taken his passion to the next step with photography. Anthony loves to set up scenes with his toy cars. He uses photography techniques to make the miniature cars look life-size.

He’ll scratch up the cars and make them look rusty. Then he’ll decide where he wants to set up his photoshoot. He uses his mom’s iPhone to take pictures that come out amazing.

Whether it’s an abandoned barn in the middle of a field or a scene by the beach, his photos are exquisite. His mom recognized the gift he had and started sharing them with friends.

Anthony acquired a following online, and they decided to publish a book of his photographs. He sold a thousand copies. Now others can enjoy his car obsession and fantastic artwork.

What a beautiful gift this boy has! He is about the use his autism to channel a passion for cars and share his love with the world. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for him next!

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Autistic boy’s stunning photography transforms mini cars to life-size