Antiques Roadshow Expert Gives Woman Surprising Appraisal

The Antiques Roadshow is filled with unique, rare, and never before seen treasures. While some things guests may bring in may only be worth a few bucks, others can be worth life-changing amounts of money.

One woman brings in a gorgeous diamond ring and bracelet set that a family friend left her in her will. She mentions to the evaluation expert, Kevin Zavian, that she’s had the bracelet appraised in the past, but never the entire set.

Thanks to a New Orleans episode of the show, we get to watch the entire exchange happen. Kevin describes the stunning pieces of jewelry in detail, which is enough shock factor in itself. But how much is it all worth today?

Zavian mentions the bracelet is likely worth between $15,000 and $20,000. If that’s not enough, the ring is said to be worth an extra $20,000 to $30,000. It will make you think: what would you do if you have these luxurious gems?