80 Amish people help each other pick up a house and move it

80 Amish people pick up a house and move it

A house with legs is not something you see every day. There was a small but heavy house that needed to be moved to its proper lot that was only a few meters away.

80 helpful Amish fellows took it upon themselves to figure out a way to pick up the house and simply place it on the concrete space. It was easy enough to do for 80 people.

They picked up the house, giving it legs. It looked like a millipede or a sea creature with hundreds of feet beneath it. The sight was both astounding and hilarious.

80 Amish people pick up a house and move it

It didn’t take them long to bring the house above the lot. When they got there they carefully placed it down. This would be the spot of someone’s new home.

Unfortunately, when they placed down the house for the first time it was slightly off-center. It needed to be picked up yet again and turned in order to fit the block like a puzzle piece.

They didn’t rush to pick it up and turn it. Even with that many people they wanted to be careful and precise. It would be easy to break something if they hurried the process.

When they were sure of what to do they turned the house and placed it perfectly at the edges of the lot. Whoever lives there will have a good tale to tell about their home.

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