1968 Disneyland Footage Feeds Nostalgic Cravings

The British Pathe newsreel has brought us incredible memories of vintage cars, futuristic electronics, and now they’re taking us to the happiest place on earth. Take a virtual tour of Disneyland with this historic 1968 footage.

Theme parks all over the world change bit by bit over the years. Whether Disneyland was adding faster rides, more characters, or popular attractions, flocks of eager tourists never stopped flooding through the gates.

It’s interesting to see what the park looked like over forty years ago. If you’ve never been to Disney, this is a rare chance to experience what it would’ve been like without having to wait in line or pay for a ticket.

One thing we noticed is that there aren’t too many guests wearing Mickey’s ears. This is likely due to the iconic beehive hair-dos and fashion of the late 1960s. We still think it would’ve made for a wonderful family vacation.