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A lot of things have changed in 50 years, but we Americans still have this argument


Red Skelton was one of the most successful shows on TV during the 60s. He had his own show called the Red Skelton hour which was huge. Mostly the show was filled with funny sketches that would entertain the masses.

But every now and again read would turn his mind to a serious matter. In the case of this clip he wanted to talk about the relevance of the ‘under God’ reference in the Pledge of allegiance.

Even though it’s been nearly 50 years since of this clip was filmed every point that he makes in this video is just as relevant today. It surprises me that our country can’t move on in respect to this argument. Watch this video and listen to Red hit exactly same debating points that you would hear on any talk show about the subject today.

Watch this video with one advanced warning: The first 10 seconds are so are a wee bit blurry, but it get better. The audio quality is excellent and you really must have your speakers (or your earphones) on to truly appreciate this gem.

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