Zach Williams and the incredible Dolly Parton bring us to tears with ‘There Was Jesus’

Zach Williams and Dolly Parton's ‘There Was Jesus’

The renowned American country music star Dolly Parton performs beautifully with Zach Williams in his song ‘There Was Jesus.’ The song is part of William’s Christian Rock album ‘Rescue Story.’

Zach Williams is an American Christian rock musician who grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas, with an intense Christian upbringing. His musical career started with the band Zach Williams & The Reformation.

After releasing two albums with the band, Williams disbanded it due to his beliefs. He then went on to play at his church and, for a short time, played under the band Zach Williams and the Brothers of Grace.

Zach Williams and Dolly Parton's ‘There Was Jesus’

Following that, Williams decided to become a solo artist. Since then, he has received numerous accolades. ‘There Was Jesus’ featuring Dolly Parton is part of his newest solo career venture.

Zach Williams’s performance on ‘There Was Jesus’ highlights the reasoning of it receiving a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance. His deep and soulful country voice is ever-present in all the scenes.

Dolly Parton wonderfully accompanies William’s voice as they are both seen singing in a barn with their backs turned. This view of their contrasting singing intermingles with chaotic life views.

In the end, all the people present come together and reconsider their actions. Zach Williams ends his performance, raising a hand above his head in praise as Dolly Parton looks up high.

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