YouTube Duo Stuns Kelly Clarkson With ‘Greatest Showman’ Blind Audition on ‘The Voice’

Say Hello to A Duo That Harmonized in the Perfect Style for Kelly Clarkson to Go All In.

This is one soulful duo whose opening performance has surely sealed their place in stardom, forever changing their lives. Elevating harmony to all new heights is the duo ‘Hello Sunday’ performing Keala Settle’s ‘This Is Me.’

There was something about Chelsea (13) and Myla (14) from the time that they stepped on stage. Magical is the only way to describe the lingering sense of professionalism and power in these two’s delivery. A mystique that one judge keenly picked up on.

We were all waiting on the moment when these voices stepped up and owned their song. With the harmony getting better, and the depth of voice growing purer, young Myla cried out in song owning the chorus and showing just how strong these growing stars actually are.

At that very moment, Kelly Clarkson hit her buzzer, turning around and claiming another two team members.

“I think that you’re incredible,” said Kelly to these two young performers, while Gwen soon clarified that they’re not indeed sisters like many of us thought. Both Kelly and John Legend loved their name.

‘Hello Sunday’ is a name that means “new beginnings” to this duo who first got paired at a performing arts camp. Describing themselves as ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ – they make the perfect pair. As sisters in music, their bond brings a great vibe to the stage.

I think I turned around when this like was just, like, in the stratosphere of notes. And you both kind of kept trading off on that,” explained Kelly Clarkson,

She continued, “I grew up singing in choirs, having to learn how to blend properly.. ‘Cause I’m loud. I don’t know if you’ve noticed. But I’m really good at helping you really stay in sync. I just think that y’all have so much potential to be something magical.”

Blake shared just how valuable Kelly is to these two stars, praising her ability to jump to different harmony parts “It’s important that you have her in your corner ‘cause this is gonna test your limits, but it’s gonna be a lot of fun also.”

As friends who could easily be mistaken for twins, these two girls are actually quite different. Since their partnership, the two have been best friends. The whole world is eager to see what Kelly will be able to bring out in these two.

If ‘Hello Sunday’s’ showing on ‘The Voice’ is anything to go by, we’ve got two talented performers who have a bright future in entertainment. Just look at this track that these two have put together already.

YouTube Duo Stuns Kelly Clarkson With \'Greatest Showman\' Blind Audition on \'The Voice\'