Your grandma and grandpa prove they got the moves

The 1960s were a simpler time for sure. Can you remember the dances in this 1967 American Bandstand dance contest? Maybe we can still pull them off!

The 60s were an amazing time to be a teenager. The music, the clothes, and the atmosphere were simply amazing back then, and we can see just a little of that in this amazing clip from Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.

Six couples took the stage to perform their own unique dances, all set to Neil Diamond’s ‘You Got To Me’. You may remember that song was a hit that year, and these teens had great dance routines to go along with it.

They each take a moment to perform their own jaw-dropping dances, followed by a group dance session. They put all of their energy into dancing together, performing their own specialized routines that blend personal style and the moves of the time.

These teens’ energy is hard to deny as they dance, twirl, and step to this classic song. It’s a great display of how great times were back then. Don’t you wish you could go back there?

It’s too bad that it’s too late to vote, or we’d send in a postcard! Who did you want to win? I think we’d vote for couple number 3 if we could!

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Your grandma and grandpa prove they got the moves