You’ll Never Believe The Bass & Beat Created With A Washing Machine By This 10-Year-Old Artist

This 10-year-old boy shows us all that when you have talent, you really don’t need much else. Watch as he uses nothing more than a washing machine to create a beat that’ll have you bouncing – his skills are unbelievable!

If this young man is showing this level of talent already, just imagine the drummer, he’ll be by his early teens or early 20s. Hailing from Seattle, this musician is certainly no stranger to percussion. He owns both a standard Pearl drum kit and a Pearl ‘Cajon’.

See why this video of a 10-year-old boy drumming with a washing machine, made it onto live national TV networks like CNN, USA Today, ‘Good Morning America’, and ‘The Today Show’ It’s one of the most amazing natural displays of talent ever seen, a percussion performance inspired by legends like Neil Peart and Buddy Rich, two role models of this young drummer.