You’ll Be Mesmerized By Husband And Wife’s Rendition Of “My Jesus I Love Thee”

When two passionate vocalists are put together in one room, the resulting sound is simply magical. Especially when they have a go at one of our favorite hymns.

Harmonizing husband and wife Caleb and Kelsey Grimm, known simply as Caleb + Kelsey to their fans, are a recent addition to the Christian music scene who are shaking up listeners with their purely breathtaking blend of power, smooth vocals and flawless harmony.

In this smoke-filled music video, the two can be seen revamping the Christian songbook classic “My Jesus I Love Thee,” giving the 1864 melody a more modern twist.

From pop chart-toppers to worship standards, Caleb + Kelsey seem to always be thinking up new ways to create a buzz with their other-worldly arrangements, and we can’t wait to hear what they put out next.