You haven’t lived until you’ve heard this version of ‘The Sound of Silence’

Together a duo of musicians captured the pure essence of emotion in “The Sound of Silence.” They showed that you don’t always need a voice to capture feelings.

They begin the cover with the piano opening the song, the man resting his hands on his knees getting ready to play his cello. He watches the woman calmly press each key with purpose.

As he begins to play the cello, you can almost hear the words of the original song, but now there are no words, only pure raw emotion. The couple look to each other every now and then.

The song progresses and you can see how they let it slowly take over them. With their eyes closed they show the power the music has on their bodies, bobbing and swaying to the tune.

The cello with its deep and wide range compliments the piano with its elegant and distinct sound. While only a cover, they make the song truly their own in these moments.

In the last minute of the song they play their hearts out. The woman on the piano rocking out to the music, pressing the keys firmly but not too hard. The man on the cello plucking and strumming with all that he has. The song comes to a quiet end, emotions having easily been stirred.

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You haven’t lived until you\'ve heard this version of ‘The Sound of Silence’