One singer, two voice: X Factor vocalist covers ‘The Prayer’ in soprano and tenor

Sephy Francisco singing ‘The Prayer’ on The X Factor

Sephy Francisco, a singer from the Philippines has stunned the world with her performance in The X Factor. The vocalist sang a duet version of ‘The Prayer’ all by herself.

Now you may be wondering why this is such a great feat. Well, that exact song has been famously performed by non-other than Céline Dion and Andrea Bocelli. A soprano and tenor, respectively.

Sephy Francisco showed off her unbelievable talent on the X Factor stage by singing the female and male parts of the duet in their respective vocal range, gaining appraisal from the judges.

Sephy Francisco singing ‘The Prayer’ on The X Factor

At the start of her performance, you can hear Simon Cowell, British judge and creator of the competition, indicating to Louis Tomlinson that it was a great song for her to have chosen.

The judges nor the audience, had yet to hear what was coming from the Filipino singer. As she belted out the female part of the duet, everyone watched impressed, that is until she began the male counterpart.

One of the members in the backstage jokingly said, “that is a game change”, while Cowell’s expression changed from pleased to disbelief. The audience cheered and watched incredulously as Francisco interchanged between the vocal range of the song.

At the end of her unbelievable rendition, Cowell only had one thing to say, “that’s the first time I’ve judged a duo as one person”. Francisco’s performance got her four ‘Yes’s from the judges and she was able to advance to the next round.

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