Worldwise 5-Year-Old Guitarist Channels Johnny Cash with ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ Cover

Johnny Cash built a phenomenal career out of his deep, unpolished voice and his somber demeanor. Wesley, a happy, red-headed 5-year-old from Seattle, is opposite in almost every way. However, both can put on a fine performance of “Folsom Prison Blues.”

Wesley made his debut as the Mini Man in Black at a Seattle coffee shop. He boldly took the stage alone, sporting a British flag T-shirt, shoulder-length red hair, and miniature guitar covered in flower and planet stickers.

He might not have known the meaning behind the song, but Wesley certainly knew the words, singing them out in his clear, sweet child’s voice. He strummed and tapped his foot in time as he sang about “Folsom Prison” and his time there.

Wesley’s performance was part of a showcase of young guitar students. He loves to perform and has also covered Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” and Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” on his personal TV show.