Woman singing spontaneously at Walmart is all over social media

Woman singing at Walmart is all over social media

One of the best things in life is a surprise. The shoppers of Walmart got exactly this when the song ‘Maybe This Time’ from the musical ‘Cabaret,’ could be heard across the aisles.

A wonderful woman named Christina Kokonis-Viggers is a singer who usually performs on stage. Today though she decided to do something different. She grabbed the mic of a karaoke machine and decided to hold nothing back.

Her voice is sweet and reserved at first. There are a few shoppers with their children who pass by, and Christina grows shy when she notices them.

Woman singing at Walmart is all over social media

Trying to find her confidence, she decided to focus on the machine in front of her. This was when her voice became clearer and even more impressive.

There was a crowd gathering around the end of her aisle, but she didn’t notice them since she was caught up in her performance. The song took over her. A Walmart aisle or on stage, it didn’t matter to her.

She sang with all her heart. Beautiful notes and lyrics reverberated all across the massive store. It was a moment to remember, a good thing Christina’s friend, Amanda, was recording the entire performance.

When the clip of Christina singing in Walmart went online it spread like wildfire. It didn’t take very long for the video to amass millions of views. She definitely deserves attention for her amazing talent.

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