Woman Goes Viral With Jaw-Dropping Stairwell Singing

Titanic was one of the biggest movies ever created in Hollywood. The all-star cast, incredible graphics, and stunning soundtrack really set this film apart. It will make you laugh, cry, and feel everything in between.

Lauren Paley loves the songs featured in the blockbuster movie, so much so that she shares her renditions online. Her upload place of choice is an app called Tik Tok that allows users to upload clips that are 60 seconds or less.

Recently, the up-and-coming actress and singer discovered that stairwells are the perfect place to record her videos. This is thanks to the cement walls around her that capture the acoustics in a hauntingly beautiful way.

She went viral after she angelically sang the iconic song “Hymn to the Sea” from Titanic. It sounds like something out of this world that can transport you back to watching the beloved classic film.