Willie Nelson’s “Something You Get Through” helps fans through the toughest times

Willie Nelson

One of the most painful parts about getting older is watching the people you knew leave you behind. This song from the classic Willie Nelson offers comfort to those who have lost people they loved.

Willie Nelson

Over the years, Willie Nelson has been known for the emotional richness of his music. His stunning song, “Something You Get Through” is no exception. His message resonated with many people regardless of age.

Willie Nelson and his producer Buddy Cannon wrote the song together. The original concept for the emotional song came from a conversation Willie had with one of his close friends.

Now, the message reaches out to those who have lost someone they cared deeply about, reminding them that even though we may not get over our loss, we can “get through” it.

“Something You Get Through” debuted on his 73rd album, Last Man Standing. It was a concept album that wrestled with many difficulties of getting older and watching change move in and out of your life.

Willie Nelson

Even at 85 years old, Willie Nelson continued to show us why he was one of the best. His voice was smooth and vibrant. One listener even said, “Willie is getting old but his voice still sounds like honey.”

Listen to this song yourself, but make sure you have several tissues handy. Willie Nelson had a knack for pulling emotions even out of the most stoic of listeners, and that is especially true with “Something You Get Through.”

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Willie Nelson\'s “Something You Get Through” helps fans through the toughest times