Willie Nelson singing Sinatra? Stranger things have happened

Fred Astaire has competition! Watch Willie Nelson and Diana Krall cover this classic jazz song from 1934 and watch Nelson transform into a jazz singer.

“I Won’t Dance’ was written in 1934 to accompany a musical, but it’s since been recorded and re-recorded multiple times. Sometimes, a pair of artists team up to make this a duet.

That’s what happens here. In a stunning twist of events, Willie Nelson teams up with Diana Krall for an amazing jazz-centric performance of the classic song. Nelson’s voice is remarkably suited to this style of singing.

As Nelson and Krall duet away, the music video features a cute animation that sees their characters dancing and twirling. The art style is superb and fits this song so well.

Through his other duets over the years, Willie Nelson has proven that he can be a chameleon when he needs to be and that adopting different styles is remarkably easy for him. This jazz cover is no exception.

It’s great to see that even now, this classic jazz song is still being celebrated and covered by popular artists. It’s an ode to how much the original song has affected us, no matter where we first heard it.

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Willie Nelson singing Sinatra? Stranger things have happened