Willie Nelson and Lukas Nelson perform ‘Just Breathe’ by Pearl Jam

The bright, beautiful sun shines down on a car that has Willie Nelson and his son Lukas in it. Together they drive around the country singing about their love for each other.

‘Just Breathe’ is the song they play in the venues they visit. The song talks about what it means to care about someone and not wanting to let them go.

They take the time to sing for each other and say all the things that were left unsaid. Everyone will one day be gone, and the gift of life is not something to be taken for granted.

Willie and Lukas strengthen their bond through the song. In their journey, they play cards, drink, and play guitar while performing. There are many touching moments with them together.

Willie Nelson and Lukas Nelson

Everywhere they go, they sing. While driving, Willie sings and gives time for his son to sing as well. They wear sunglasses since the top of the car is down, and they look suave.

Then they perform by themselves for the last minute of the song. They want to show what life would be like when the person they loved is gone.

Willie Nelson and Lukas Nelson are talented musicians through and through. Their rendition of ‘Just Breath’ is heartfelt and emotional. It reminds everyone to cherish the people they love.

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Willie Nelson and Lukas Nelson perform ‘Just Breathe’ by Pearl Jam