When The Scriptures talk about heavenly choirs, this is it

Mat and Savanna Shaw are not only father and daughter, but they are also singing partners. This unearthly rendition of “Pie Jesu” will leave you absolutely speechless and wanting more.

The father and daughter team is accompanied by The Lux Singers. They are set up in a beautiful church to pay homage to the subject of their hauntingly beautiful devotional song.

Savanna begins to sing the hymn, and her voice is like an angel. The notes float through the air like sparkling crystals and fill the church with their heavenly sound.

Mat joins her, and their voices combine harmoniously, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. With the choir in the background, you feel like you’ve been transported to a higher place.

You don’t have to know the Latin lyrics to this song to appreciate its beauty. The way Mat and Savanna sing it, the words become a prayer lifted up to heaven.

The empty church resounds with the music of praise. Their voices compliment each other so beautifully, that it will bring tears to your eyes. What an incredible gift to be able to sing together!

Mat and Savanna are the ultimate dynamic duo. Their harmonic voices breathe life into a classic song of praise and worship. You’ll have this song playing on repeat without question!

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When The Scriptures talk about heavenly choirs, this is it