When Korman Can’t Resist Conway’s Off-Script Antics

When Comedy Was King

Do you remember when comedy was more than just a punchline? When could a sidelong glance, an unexpected twist in the script, leave us clutching our sides in helpless laughter? We were lucky enough to witness such timeless moments, all thanks to comic geniuses like Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Their effortless humor on The Carol Burnett Show continues to resonate even today.

Two Men, A Dog, and Unscripted Laughter

The first time Conway and Korman collaborated in the dog sketch was pure magic. Conway, the master of improvisation, seemed to channel his inner dog, while Korman, tasked with the seemingly impossible mission of staying in character, failed spectacularly. Watching Korman try—and fail—to suppress his laughter is a joy that never gets old. As we fondly recall, those two were more than just a comedy duo; they were a comedy force of nature.

From the Living Room to the Digital Age

We didn’t know then, as we sat with our families, riveted by the antics on our television screens, that these moments would be preserved for generations to come. How could we have guessed that the internet, still a twinkle in the eyes of its creators, would one day allow us to relive those moments anytime, anywhere? But here we are, and thank goodness for that.

The Unbreakable Legacy

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman have left an indelible mark on the world of comedy. From McHale’s Navy to the unforgettable sketches on The Carol Burnett Show, their contributions are as timeless as they are priceless. The video below perfectly encapsulates their talents, a snippet from an era when comedy was unfiltered, unscripted, and unequivocally entertaining.

If you haven’t already, do give it a watch. Because we all need a good laugh, and there’s no better source than these two comedic legends. Remember to share the joy with others because laughter, after all, is contagious.

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When Korman Can\'t Resist Conway\'s Off-Script Antics