When Andrea Bocelli picked up the flute, some doubted him. But when he started to play…

Performances remind us of just how rich the human experience is, seeing the talent of one man, besides the artfulness of the song itself.

The song is called ‘Dolce è Sentire,’ which translates to Sweet is to Feel. It’s a poignant sentiment, given the circumstances under which the song and the entire concert were performed.

The concert was live-streamed without a physically present audience. The orchestra was masked. All reminders of a world that is tired of feeling everything it’s felt recently.

But Mr. Bocelli spins notes from the flute like fine silk. Then he brings in his legendary voice. The music swells and we feel something very intense. Only this time, it’s pleasant.

We feel awe for the man’s talent for both singing and playing. We feel massaged by the sound of his voice and the tapestry of the orchestra. We feel transported to a different, more pleasant time and space.

His performance was broadcast from Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi in Italy on 25 December 2020. An appropriate time for music that touches the heartstrings, moving us to look ahead to the coming new year with our chins up.

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