Turn Up The Volume And Find Out ‘What Makes You Country’

‘What Makes You Country’ is the headlining and one of the most upbeat tracks from Luke Bryan’s hot new album ‘What Makes You Country.’ Setting the tone for one of the most popular albums from this artist, it’s a track that shows the world exactly why country living is celebrated.

This is a song that carries country pride in every word while telling an equally powerful story with its music video visuals. Luke Bryan takes us back home to Sunday living, backyard dirt, homely chores, adventures outdoors, and everything that makes country, country. Whether you’ll a born and bred American or just a fan, you’ll be singing along.

With a video that shows you that Luke Bryan truly loves each part of his life, music, music, and country, ‘What Makes You Country’ is a grand tribute to individuality. It’s music that you’ve gotta crank up, as it lifts your mood, putting a hop in your step. By the time it’s done, you’ll feel a little “country” yourself.