We’ve Got Tears In Our Eyes After This Incredible Tribute By Country Superstar

We don’t often get to see inside an artist’s head to know why they choose the songs they do, but, luckily for us, one noted country superstar is giving us full access to his creative process in this clip. And it’s enough to reduce you to tears.

This heart-wrenching ballad entitled “I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You” was written by noted songwriter Carl L. Trivette for his wife, Marilee Rasnake, in 1952. The song made such an impression on her that she requested it be sung at her funeral in 2003.

Famed gospel music star Alan Jackson went on to cover the tune in 2006, but we never knew about his personal history with the song until this rare interview with his mother, Mrs. Ruth Musick “Mama Ruth” Jackson. And the real reason behind Jackson’s attachment is simply beautiful.

The best part about this video is that, Immediately after hearing all about the Jackson family’s history with this famed hymn, we are treated to a beautiful live performance by the noted artist himself. After hearing about his beautiful history with the tune, his striking performance is enough to give you chills.