‘We’ll Meet Again’ by the D-Day Darlings is a gorgeous wartime classic

‘We’ll Meet Again’ by the D-Day Darlings

When it comes to the music of the 1930s and 1940s, there are countless songs that capture the spirit and heartfelt emotion of the wartime era. They have been recorded and passed down for generations.

Now, there is a modern-day singing group that has gained a major following by reproducing those songs and sounds, paying tribute to a bygone era while ushering in a new style of music.

The D-Day Darlings stand alone as not only one of the most talented singing groups to come out of Great Britain. They also amaze their millions of fans with songs from the wartime period.

‘We’ll Meet Again’ by the D-Day Darlings

The combination is one to be heard and remembered. One of their best performances is a loving tribute to Vera Lynn, who sang a wartime classic, ‘We’ll Meet Again.’ Their rendition honors the original while creating a new and beautiful version.

The video itself is one to behold as well. The seven members of this all-woman group come walking out of an airplane hangar, while in the background looms the stunning vision of a classic Lancaster bomber.

The video is masterfully shot, cut to combine close-ups on the lead singers before backing out to capture the entire group as they perform together. The sights and sounds of this performance truly set it apart.

When it comes to songs from the wartime era, there are few groups that are doing it as well as the D-Day Darlings. Their tributes to the past are nostalgic and beautiful, and this song is a great example of both.

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