‘Weight Of The Badge’ is the perfect tribute song for America’s law enforcement

George Strait is no stranger to telling stories by song. His song ‘Weight Of The Badge’ might be the most poignant story he’s told.

George Strait is a legendary musician that can tell a story. The way he tells it is by way of a song.

His song ‘Weight Of The Badge’ paints the picture of the everyday dangers that America’s law enforcement face. The song tells the story of a 15 year veteran of the police force who was injured on the job.

While the song has an ending where the officer makes it, not many do. The protagonist of this story considers himself grateful for every day he lives (and also for his family that supports him).

The police should be grateful knowing they have a supporter in the ‘King of Country’. This tribute to them might just be one of Strait’s best songs in his four decades as a country performer.

Those in law enforcement deserve our thanks and appreciation. But this song might just be better than that.

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